I just got off from Windows 8 demo session in our office, and I have to admit that it’s a brave move Microsoft made by revolutionizing this next generation OS…

…On the User Interface sense to start with; with the deployment of Metro based UI — the design language which they uses currently on Windows Mobile 7 — which has a very similar look and taste with both iOs (iPhone, iPad) and Android UI (phone, tablet). Under Metro, applications are now represented by tiles, not icons; which could also serves as widgets that presents data in real time.

Ribbon is also extensively uses, and since from what I’ve heard there will be no separate version of Windows 8 for either PC or Tablet, this makes sense since Ribbons are easier for touchscreen operation.

At the moment, the Windows 8 is still in its pre-beta launch, and there will still be some steps before it reach the maturity for commercial release.

Anyway from the demo I can see that this is a breed of Windows that will needs least effort to adapt, thanks to the much improved UI. Some controls are still subject to familiarization, but it doesn’t take too much effort to do so.

It’s nice to see that Windows now have the more elevated sense (and addressing) to foster a much more positive User Experience. (byms)

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