Because a good User Experience will endorse good performance on the product it applies unto. No matter how great your product is under the hood; if your users find it hard to operate, not engaging, alienating, then you will find a hard time convincing them to use it.

A good User Experience Design will help create a convenient, pleasant and meaningful user experience.

“User experience is not about how a product works on the inside. User experience is about how it works on the outside, where a person comes into contact with it and has to work with it”
(J.J.Garrett – The Elements of User Experience)

With this idea in mind, then the objective of User Experience Design and Planning is to create a positive experience for each of the product’s users as they interact with it at each touch point; either it’s a website, desktop application, mobile application, or any other products with User Interface.

Some of the benefits of a good User Experience Design for your product and business are:

  • Endorsing meaningful interaction (higher user satisfaction)
  • Increasing user acceptance of the product; reducing time needed by users to become familiar with your website/application (faster adaptation)
  • Increasing the conversion rate for turning visitors into customers and customers into business (higher sales)
  • Increasing perceived credibility and professionalism of the product and the developers (improves branding)

Furthermore, User Experience Design is a central part of the overall effort to create and maintain a positive Customer Experience through the Customer Experience Supply Chain – the tools that makes some of the big brands stays big despite the fierce competition and saturated market, and the smaller ones grow bigger.



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