If you ever curious about how would your career or professional life showed up as infographic, check out mine below:

Bayu Amus's career as infographic

Bayuamus's career infographic at visualize.me

You can have yours as well by signing up for free at Visualize.me; a website that turns your LinkedIn profile into this nice and wonderful infographic representation, with just a click of a mouse!

(Sure you need to also input your name and so on the signing up form, as well as having a LinkedIn profile ready)

Why infographic? What’s wrong with written texts?

Well as you can see my friends, the infographic outlines your career history in a fun way, while it also gives your prospective employee a faster overview of your career; resorting to your written Resume or CV for details later on. It provides a more joyful User Experience upon introduction, especially if you are aiming for positions in visualization-heavy workplaces.

Find out yourself, and have fun with it!


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2 Responses to Visualizing your career as infographic

  1. Nice idea, and it should be improved a lot, especially to make it more useful and easy to read.
    They put the ‘Experience’ and ‘Interest’ graphics far apart, so quite hard to keep scrolling up and down just to see what’s the user’s interest during a particular work experience.
    The skills circle are hard to differentiate between each level. The alternative would be giving each level a different color (with the same shape, e.g Circle only), or make each level has a different shape, or create a bar chart.

  2. JobSeeker says:

    Check out re.vu, a much better experience IMO. http://re.vu/

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