This is an interesting infographic from Onward Search, outlining UX careers in the US:

UX Career Guide


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3 Responses to US UX Career Guide Infographic

  1. qonita says:

    I think this is a good overview, except the part below “Skill Set of a UX Professional” (Must Know Tools of the Trade). That list is mostly technical. The explanation at the bottom shows why: –This data was taken from A LIST APART’s “Survey for People Who Make Websites”–, so it’s more representative of “Web Developers” instead of “UX Professional”.

    • bayuamus says:

      I agree Qonita that the skill set part does not do justice to the UX profession, and I noticed there are several similar complaints on the original thread as well.

      Anyway, could it be because most of US vacancies still sees UX as “enhanced” version of web developers?