We are all affected by our surroundings and upbringing; the tricky part is how to absorbs (and nurture) only the positive parts and shed the negative ones. And when you have arrived at the conscious incompetence state, then letting go of the skills and habits that you’ve been doing like forever, but turned out they tend to corrupts instead of improving you, might be the most reasonable yet the most difficult thing to do.

So when you’re poor and your competitors are giants, guerrilla marketing might be your only way out, a little shortcut here and there might be justifiable. But when you’re finally grow big, sophisticated, and trying to win new markets, guerrilla warfare should not be the only strategy you have; or perhaps shouldn’t even included in your options anymore.

Do you have habits or skills you mastered through the hard times, but now you know you should get rid of to make a real significant improvement? I believe you do, I believe we all do.

So likewise, when a brand had learned through its upbringing a glued and patched sets of User Experience for their customers that have keep them in business, but now they see that it flawed, or even hinder it to achieve further improvements, it might be a time to dismantle your strategy; unlearn some old tricks, improves the ones that work, add new ones that might help, and create a new refreshed User Experience altogether.

Because the most constant thing in live are changes; you can embrace it and create improvements, or you can avoid it and misses the much needed dynamics. (byms)

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