“Of course, evidence isn’t the only marketing tactic that is effective. In fact, it’s often not the best tactic. What would change his mind, what would change the mind of many people resistant to evidence is a series of eager testimonials from other tribe members who have changed their minds. When people who are respected in a social or professional circle clearly and loudly proclaim that they’ve changed their minds, a ripple effect starts. First, peer pressure tries to repress these flip-flopping outliers. But if they persist in their new mindset, over time others may come along. Soon, the majority flips. It’s not easy or fast, but it happens.” ~ Seth Godin

According to Seth on that article about limits of evidence based marketing, evidence works perfect in science, but not very well on irrational subjects; like influencing people or marketing to the masses.

influence ripplesTherefore otherwise than presenting facts to general masses and hope they would change, instead focus on influencing specific respectable individuals to start the ripple effect.

Unless of course, if it’s the person you need to affect is of a logical rational type, then facts and evidences would still works well – you just have to focus your efforts on few key persons instead of the whole masses.

On more specific scope, if you want your industry/peers to take serious move or changing their view towards User Experience Design & Planning, then work on convincing the most respected people in both social and professional circle in your industry. (byms)

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