For you creative people who are interested in TED conferences, and highly intoxicated with Eat, Pray, Love; or just plainly wanting to visit Bali and need a good reason to your boss/spouse/yourself, here’s an agenda for you: TedxUbud is going to be held this year in 26 May 2012 in Ubud, Bali.

TEDxUbud 2011

As with other similar events, TEDxUbud is an independently organized TED conferences, to spread the legacy of TED conferences which currently has been running for over 25 years, to a wider audience world-wide. Indonesia itself currently has TEDx conferences running in four cities: Jakarta (the capital, “The Big Durian”), Bandung (Jawa Barat), Makassar (Sulawesi), and Ubud (Bali). After a good start back in 2008, now there are multiple TEDx events running in Jakarta and Bandung.

While the original TED focuses on Technologi, Entertainment, and Design, TED’s “Ideas worth spreading” motto gain a new perspective when turned into TEDx. Now topics are not limited to the three main topics of TED, but also includes idea from wider topics. And when held in Ubud, Bali, which is well known as the top tranquillity tourism destination in Indonesia, this year, TEDxUbud will carry the theme “Threads of Change” which according to its official website:

“Focusing on near-term impact topics like waste, design, sustainability, local spaces, local empowerment, and business. It will focus on ideas that are likely to change the world in the near-term (3-5 years) instead of those whose impact is in the distant future.”

And since this TED, you’ll have the chance to get involved in the event as well instead of merely sitting and watching:

“Half of the programming comes from our speakers and from specially chosen video TEDTalks. But the other half of the programming is you. Some of the best parts of any TED or TEDx event are the conversations you’ll have in between, and we challenge you to come prepared to engage. We deliberately schedule generous breaks between presentations for conversation over catered snacks. Stretch your legs, share a coffee, and introduce yourself to other attendees. Talk about the speakers, and spread some ideas of your own.”

For those interested, please mark your calendar for 8 April 2012 where TEDxUbud will officially open their registration form online.

To get the latest update on TEDx events in Indonesia, follow @TEDxUbud on Twitter.

Here’s some pictures from TEDxUbud 2011 last year:

By the way, do you know that currently TED has its talks available on Android users, including to download its videos for later viewing? Visit Google Play to download TED – Android Apps. (byms)

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