Android green robot logoI don’t regularly renew my cellphone; I waits until my current one becoming obsolete, stolen, irreparable, or simply becoming too much of a risk to keep; just like my last one who at one day “coughed”, and erase all of my contact list stored on the phone, along with the 300 ish SMS with it. We’ll I know that he’s been sick for a while but it was only in a manner of shutting down himself in the middle of SMS typing or disconnecting my calls.

And learning from the lesson that most of my old phones are “liberated” due to being stolen (4 of them), I then developed the habit of buying not too fancy device with enough functionality.

Lucky for me in the midst of cheap Chinese mobile phones, and the few choices of branded phone aimed at teenagers, with teenagers functionality, Samsung had just released their very affordable lines of Android based smart phones, and so I got my eyes at this Galaxy Mini model which interestingly has a good arsenal of features and connectivity at a very affordable price. Even much affordable than most of the Symbian, Windows, Java, or Blackberry based phone with similar features. Don’t even mention iPhone which easily costs above them all even for the modest series.

As for the Android itself first I have doubt; I’m more familiar with Windows mobile and with all of the Notebooks and PCs I’m working at the moment all are using Windows, getting a Windows Mobile device seems the most logical choice; and there’s one from Samsung who also seem to have a decent features at even lower price than the Mini.

However with Android I have a curiosity; it must be something special that made these devices globally outsells iPhones on many months. And it’s from Google whose ideas and creativity has already made my online life easier and streamlined for the past several years. So I’m thinking why not trusting them with my mobile device also?

And the result is… I’m glad to have followed my gut instead of my lizard brain!

Samsung Galaxy Mini S5570 GreenAfter trying one myself, simply put, Android is the OS of the future, available today! It has a highly intuitive way of wrapping things up, easy to learn and use navigation, and what’s more important is the interactive, multi dimensional, addictive user experience.

As the addition to this already good platform, there are wonderful and powerful applications you can have for free; and it’s not just your regular productivity tools or smart internet connected programs, but including the rare breed like Google Sky who’s able to show us the star map of the sky we’re looking at, and interactively shows the different part of the map as we moves our device to face different parts of the sky; a new use of GPS function and the built in Accelerometer feature that would wow-ed even a non star gazers.


And as addition to the great platform, Android users on newer Samsung phones can use (and have fun) entering data on their on screen keyboard with Skype. Its basically the smart interpreting application that scan through the letters as you swipe your finger across letters of the words you’re meaning to type in, and gives its “guess” about what we are typing. While it’s not faster than typing on a full sized physical keyboard with your ten fingers, and sometimes it fails to provide accurate reading, it is certainly better than using the crowded keypad with your thumbs, or precisely clicking on the right letters on your tight little on screen virtual keyboard.

So with all the experience I have, if I have to choose again between Android or returning to Windows or Java based phones; I think I’ll stay.

*written on Galaxy Mini using Swype, edited on PC for photo upload, mistypes and text formatting.


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  1. It outsells iPhone because of the price 😀 (maybe, just my assumption)
    I tried my wife’s Samsung Tab, and I gave up. It’s not as straight forward as iPhone 😀 it’s just too complicated for me.
    I’d stick to iPhone 🙂

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