Web Design Service page from mitraissoftware.comMitrais, the company I’m working for at the moment, was planning to launch a new service on Web Design and User Interface Design services through one of its website, mitraissoftware.com.

After stages of approach and brain storming, we then come to a conclusion that our goal for this new service was not to provide just a web design service, but instead to help businesses improve their online performance.

Though it might seems the same but the two are different; web design alone is a product, which could become a part of solutions, but it’s not the real answer. We have come to this understanding because based from our own experience we know that most businesses don’t need (just) a website; however they could use a website to achieve their goals i.e.:

  1. Providing in-depth and anytime available online business profile for people interested in the company
  2. Providing 24 hrs available information desk with FAQ and information on available communication channels (Instant Messengers, Hotline number, Skype contact, etc.)
  3. Gathering feedback from their customers and general public through online forms
  4. Get in touch with their customers with regular news and updates on promotions and special offers
  5. Providing after sales support, including manual and add-ons of their products
  6. Creating extra value for current customers with web-only available enhancements, free stuffs, etc.
  7. Having a product display & information catalog which is accessible from anywhere at anytime
  8. Having a place to inform public about their service offering, and perhaps an interactive demonstration video or trial access
  9. Receive inquiries about their product and services
  10. Generating sales through e-shop
  11. Improving their branding and presence
  12. Reduce their budget and time spending with online automation
  13. Increase their profit with achieving new sales channels
  14. And much more

It’s pretty much like saying that when people buying paint, they actually buying a painted wall; not the paint in the bucket itself as it was just a mean to have the painted wall.

Thus in helping business improve their online performance, we are offering various product which helps businesses achieving its goal. On the base of it, we offers User Experience Design & Planning (UXDP), and Search Engine Optimization (SEO). The later is to increase the findability of the website, while the first is to increase the conversion rate by converting visitors into prospects, and prospects into customers.  However, seeing that the need of our customers may varied (but still within the scope of UX), we also offers improvements in smaller engagement, like designing of User Interface of their specific products or applications.

Our plan was to totally redesign the current website, to also achieve boost to our brand; however to seize the market earlier then we decide to unleash the new services in our current website first. Hence we launch it yesterday and work on improvements as we progress. There are still contents we need to fine tune, the title might still not represents UX service right away, but for now it’s good to go.

Up to this point, what I can learn from an environment where User Experience Design is a foreign term is that you need to apply your approach in stages; build up your base foundation to adopt UX in small increments, achieve small goals, while warming up your employer and peers over time for the greater implementation. (byms)

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