If you are a blogger looking to establish authority on Internet with Indonesian audience, the basic rule is the same: writing good quality contents is a must. While some Indonesians are able to communicate in English, the better choice of language is definitely Indonesian.

However that’s just a mere beginning, since you would also needs reader. While good quality contents will get discovered by search engine eventually, and attracts readers, it is best if you engages in SEO initiative as well. Among the means SEO consultants often suggests for bloggers or content provider in general, is for you to do two things: blog-walking, and go where the crowd is.

Blog-walking has two forms of benefit: first it helps to establish communication with fellow writers and general audience interested in your particular subject, and second it increases your visibility to the search-engine robots.

Beside of blog-walking, knowing where people gathers, and establish your existence there helps a lot as well. This is where the knowledge of your local Internet authority websites would be helpful.

As with the types of websites, apparently not all of them are well suited to start and maintain conversation, hence you’re better off focusing on those created to incite conversation in the first place, and those are public forums, online media, and public blogs; especially those that supported by well known news media.

Following are the list of top websites in Indonesia that falls into that category: having established authority, and allowing their visitors to be actively engaged add well; participating in discussions, posting comments, and some even allow posting writings, which in turn could increases your brand’s exposure to the Indonesian audience.

Have a look and join the conversation there:

  1. Kaskus (public forum) – Indonesian forum opens for every topics imaginable
  2. Detik.com (online media) – Indonesian pioneer in online news media
  3. Kompas.com (online media) – The digital media of Kompas newspaper, owned by Kompas Gramedia group, the largest media conglomerate in Indonesia
  4. Vivanews.com (online media) – Relatively new online-news media, however it’s a part of media conglomerate who also owns ANTV and TV One
  5. Okezone.com (online media) – Online news media from Media Nusantara Citra Group conglomerate which also owns RCTI, Global TV, MNC TV, Sun TV, and Sindo newspaper
  6. Kapanlagi.com (online media) – Online news media
  7. Kompasiana.com (public blog) – The free blogs supported by Kompas, as their initiative to promotes Citizen Journalism
  8. Indowebster (public forum) – Second largest Indonesian forums, covers more into software and movies
  9. Inilah.com (online media)
  10. Blogdetik.com (public blog) – The free blogs from Detik.com
  11. Tribunnews.com (online media) – Online news media
  12. Lintasberita.com (online media) – Online news media
  13. Tempo.co (online media) – Online news media
  14. Republika Online (online media) – The largest newspaper with Islamic influence in Indonesia
  15. Infogue.com (online media) – Online news media

If you are a writer, or looking to get connected with Indonesia’s top minds, then it’s best if you focuses on these two websites: Kompasiana.com, and Blogdetik.com. They attracts thinkers, idealists, strategists, journalists, smart people of all sorts: those who values, and spread around good ideas — including yours.

Concern should be taken for the two forum listed: Kaskus, and Indowebster. The first, while begin to attain its credible status, it was started as an underground forum covering anything including shady subjects like adult talks and software piracy. With the increased awareness, and the management concern of healthy Internet practice however, those topics have been banned and the forum are geared towards casual discussion and information sharing, as well as online market hence grows the common knowledge for Indonesian-netters, that if you are looking for hard to find items with very competitive price, your best bet is to search for one in Kaskus. As with Indowebster, it started as, and still is an underground forum.


Source: Alexa’s Top Indonesian Websites.

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