Though Philippe Starck designs are great, Wassily chair is timeless, an iPhone looks as beautiful, fits into your pocket, used by many for many purposes, and influences others like no product has ever had.

His iPhone redefined the user interaction standard for mobile devices, along with revolutionizing the world of mobile phones forever; including fostering the birth of the touch-based Android OS, and redirecting Windows mobile’s design redirection.

For long, Apple products have been the example of good user experience design. A lot of designers and common people used Apple’s product, but not because it (just) looks good and designer-ish,  but because the user experience design itself is great; clean, intuitive, and easy to use user interface, which enables adults as well as toddlers to operate iPhone and iPad with small learning effort. Hence why, I think Steve Jobs was one of the greatest promoter of good user experience design of our time, if not the most prominent.

Though it’s true that Jonathan Ive designs most of Apple’s recent products, but it was Steve to begin with, and Steve to end with. Without his vision of a good user experience design, Apple would just be another brand in today’s market.

Along with Apple’s other iThings; iPad, iBook, iPod, his Mac series computers have always managed to create a big splash, and set a sample which influences other brands alike.

In turns, it helps set a new standard for what good design is, and enables us as the end users to develop our sense of good design.

So long Steve Jobs, we’ll surely be missing you. (byms)

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