Do You Matter book coverOn his book “Do You Matter?”, Robert Brunner mentions about “Customer Experience” as part of the bigger initiative of “Customer Experience Supply Chain”.

Customer Experience is about the same like User Experience; only that the user in this term is also a customer. While “user” is the generic addressing of the one who’ll be using the product, a “customer” has meaning towards “someone who pays for goods or services”. Though basically interpreted the same from UX point of view, a customer has strong business implication in it. Therefore by addressing your user as customer, usually it mean that they’re exposed to a wider aspect of the product which UX you’re develop; from the marketing efforts, usage of the application, right through the after sales support, including customer support experience. Hence why a UX in this term is just a part of the “Total Customer Experience Supply Chain Management” a company must provide.

For example, the iPod. Does it thrive merely by offering a good looking product alone? I doubt so, because other producers can easily came up with similar products with even more features and cheaper price (especially with the emergence of China electronic industries). However the power of iPod doesn’t just stop there, because Apple further extend the customer experience of the beautiful and easy to use iPod with services that enables their customers to enhancing the experience; ability to buy single tracks of song instead of a full album, iTunes for managing your songs, the ability to create playlist, etc.

Borrowing Robert own words from the same book,

“iPod is a portal to kaleidoscope of experience. An iPod is not just an object. The object is an icon that is a portal to an experience.”

Hence why, to get your product hit success in the market, you have to think more than providing a good UX of the product. However to start providing your users with the good Customer Experience Supply Chain, a properly designed UX is a good place to begin. (byms)

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