Nothing stays the same, changes are imminent; continuous growing and expanding of our capabilities thus is the only way for us to cope with changes.

Funny thing about growth is that outside of what dictated by our genetics, it is only stimulated by the right kind of challenges; challenges that requires us to put up efforts beyond our current perceived capabilities and limit.

However on most of the times in our life, we are seldom looking for difficult enough challenge to force ourself to grow, and instead choosing to lurks only within the safe circle of the comfort zone. What you’re doing in this safe circle is mainly validating-only; looking for assurance that we’re still capable of doing what we’re capable of doing. Sometimes even reflecting further back: that we’re still capable of doing what we used to be able to do some while ago. Staying in this comfortable zone will greatly diminish the competence you once had, in staying with the world’s dynamics.

Or to reflect on Marshall Goldsmith words, “What Got You Here Won’t Get You There”. Your past competence is no longer good enough to tackle your next challenge.

However on the other side, if we put ourselves up for a challenge which is beyond our maximum limit, what happens next is that we’re burned out instead of growing. A there’s a popular saying in my workplace, Mitrais:

“If you want someone to fail, over promote him”

Growing thus requires you to keep the challenge well beyond your current perceived abilities & limitations, but not way off.

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