Are you tired of having Google squirt out search results that does not exactly what you are looking for? Well, join the million other users (no reference, just innocent overstatement) who feels the same!

The fact is, technology is no where perfect; it surely becomes better everyday and more idiot-proof, however referring to the fact that universe is also getting better at producing better idiots, it always is an ongoing battle.

One form of the search engine idiotic practice happens quite common on SEO initiatives these days is the sort of spamming technique used that allows internal search pages to be indexed by Google. Hence instead of getting what you really asked for, what happen is that you give queries to the internal search engine those sites has, and it then reports back the result of the searches they find; which usually are, unfortunately, far less powerful or accurate compared to Google itself, and with the results usually are similar from one to another, it only litters the search engine result page with their echoing contents.

Why is it then, those kind of web pages get indexed highly by Google? It is because in its current algorithm applied, Google can’t discern really well which results are nutritious, juicy, and taste good; or contains many target and related keywords in the content, but are created automatically to look just like that (to fool Google).

And since those websites are also come into existence by mostly grabbing and echoing content from here and there, it grows fat really fast in term of quantity; and since amount of pages available under a single domain is among Google’s key indicator of website authority, and spoof! Google are filled now with replicas results; a page that refer to specific keywords but only an echo of the real page somewhere else on a low-ranking website, or part of another search engine results that surely shows very lot of the targeted and related keywords. And it occupies the front pages of most of the common search term you enters; links that gets you nowhere, a waste of your time.

Can we fix it? No. But I believe, reflecting from past history, that Google will soon taking care of this issue by upgrading their algorithms and filters used to better differentiate the seeds from the chaffs.

However, should you’re not the type that fond of waiting, and want to take control in your hands (fingers to be specific), there is this Google Chrome extension that you can use to block out results from specific websites that you know are just replicaters and copy makers, it is called “Personal Blocklist” and you can download it from this link.

What does it do? It blocks those annoying websites from reappearing in your Google search result for good!

The catch is, or the added value, depending on which view point you have, “The personal blocklist extension will transmit to Google the patterns that you choose to block. When you choose to block or unblock a pattern, the extension will also transmit to Google the URL of the web page on which the blocked or unblocked search results are displayed. You agree that Google may freely use this information to improve our products and services”.

I admit for those with high level of privacy this is worrying, however for myself I believe I’m helping Google (and more importantly other users) in having a good experience in doing online searches, and you can do the same by letting Google knows which sites irritates you the most.

As for Firefox, there’s this nice add on that called “Google Domain Blocker” available for download from this location. It does similarly in blocking the unwanted sites, however it does not submit to Google what your preferences are, thus your list will remains private and personal. (byms)



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