Social bookmarking sites has been around for a while. Though not as famous as more glamorous social networking sites, i.e.: Facebook, people are still using them from time to time, and it has quite becoming a niche. From the rather classical (now, to the avant garde Pinterest, you can see that people loves to share, especially on what they think are cool.

Delicious (was

Delicious used to be my top choice for social bookmarking, as it’s accessible online from any place on earth, and it saves bookmarks from common users hence it reflects the true popularity of a webpage. And the way they formed their URL is unique.

At you can find references to almost anything you’re interested at, both legal and illegal, the barrier is your conscience. What differs it from a mere Google search result page lies in its curative nature; people only bookmarks web pages they think are cool. While the result might not be as wide-breath as Google, the quality however is much higher. You don’t cheat on Delicious while you can still cheat on Google search.

With the invention of Google Chrome bookmarking however, I can now synchronize bookmarks from any of my computers as long as it is connected to the internet, replacing the much needed shared bookmarking feature once is the strong point of Delicious. And I became quickly forgetting about the once highly required Delicious social bookmarking. I still get to visit them from time to time, but as I’m becoming more a Google person than a Yahoo! hipster, logging on to Delicious requires more efforts compared with using Google’s. Just like now I’m using Picasa more than Flickr.

With my increased involvement in Twitter however, there are new requirement tied in to its 140 character limitation messages, and the smart people out there then came up with the service of URL shortener! Something that would not make sense a decade ago. Some URL shortener service are built-in (like Twitter’s, but more are independent and open for public use, one of them is excels in its capability to track clicks, so you can measure how your shortened links are doing; again, a need that wouldn’t make too much sense in early internet ages, but with the coming age of internet marketing & SEO, has becoming an indispensable tool. Click tracking gives good insight on what sort of links are your readers like to read, or curious about; and in turns enable you to fine tune your online marketing strategy.

Other worthy improvements from includes an alternative shortening URL: “”;  a four digit URL that easily associated with “jump”, as well as its analogy of quickly travelling from a place to another, a term very well-suited for the internet world! on the other hand while uses four digits as well, looses a real-life connection with a real & meaningful word, but is a closed service anyway used as internal service on Twitter. Other URL shortening services even have a more meaningless URL, or fails to attain a good four digits URL.

It might have a serious contender from Google’s and, but as personal remarks, I think is much easier to remember, and they’re among the surviving 49% of what used to be a market with 1,002 competitors.

Last but not least, also incorporates a good adds-on and extensions for major internet browsers, which making URL shortening a breeze. + Bitmarks newest update in Q2 2012 however, makes it much easier for their users to recall and review their past links, and with the ability of inserting note, it has now becoming an online social bookmarking sites as well!

Individual links are now called “bitmarks”, and they are more easier to share than before, find easier, comprehend easier, and can be grouped under “bundles”. It has a refreshed statistics as well, which making tracking more comprehensive.

A new Delicious?

With the referred to having a bit lacked in development; they don’t even include social networking login at the moment, wins on connectivity, and now includes similar social bookmarking feature as well. (byms)


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