Our office’s iPad 3 had just arrived last week, we bought it from Australia since no local vendors in Bali sells it yet. What surprises me on the first look is that it looks very much identical to the previous iPad 2, except for the part with air ventilation at the bottom of the back cover. It’s supposed to be a little thinner as well but you won’t be able to tell it from looking at it alone.

iPad 3

The other surprise that I have is that the UX is basically the same: the interactivity, the navigation, it’s just that now you’re viewing those on a much sharper display; 2048×1536 screen resolution, a feat hardly matched by any other tablet brand on the market at the moment. As with responsiveness, as iPad 2 is already very responsive, this one I see no difference either hence at a glance I don’t see any strikingly differences between iPad 3 and iPad 2, only in what lies underneath.

Tabulet Beat 2

On the other hand I got very curious upon finding out that Indonesian local brand Tabulet had just recently launched their new lines of tablets, based on Android 4 Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS), and they have it right out of the box not upgrade like on other older brands. They have two new models each differs in its function; tablet + phone (Troy 2), tablet + Hi-Def screen + WiFi only (Beat 2).

Tabulet Beat 2

Quite different with iOs that keeps only minimum version of Operating System (OS), Android offers many flavours, and ICS is their newest one: it’s an OS created with tablet in mind, with a significant UX difference of providing three navigational button on-screen: back, home, and application switch.

With a price about 1/4 of iPad 3, an 1024 x 600 screen resolution, and the promise to play HD movies smoothly with the ability to read data from external hard disk, Tabulet Beat 2 is surely promising a lot. Seeing my tablet needs at the moment is mostly for education & entertainment (edutainment) purpose, Tabulet Beat 2 is a perfect replacement of the broken and unrepairable older MID Android tablet my kid usually uses.

Ordered one online from Bhinneka.com, the package arrived after 2×24 hours from Jakarta to Denpasar.

Here’s the spec from their website:

Tech Specs


Type: HD Anti-Glare Technology
Screen Size: 7″
Resolution: 1024×600
Touch Panel: Capacitive

Camera, Photos and Video

Camera : Yes – VGA (front) & 2MP (rear)
Video Player: High Definition video player


Wifi : Yes – 802.11b/g/n
Infrared : Yes


UI/OS : Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich
Flash Support : Yes
Processor/CPU : Arm Cortex A9 2nd Generation (800 MHz according to benchmarking)


Processor Memory (RAM): 512 Mb
Built-in Storage : 4 GB
Maximum User Storage: 32 GB
External Hard Drive Support: >500 GB


Micro HDMI 1.4 (type D): 1
Micro USB : 1
Micro SD Card Slot : 1
Headphone Jack (3.5mm): 1


330 grams


Product : L 185 x W 115 x W 12 mm

Additional Specs

Battery Life: Up to 8 hrs of normal use
Available Colors: Pure White

Review will be posted on the next post. (byms)


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