Last month between November 25-27, Bali Creative Festival (BCF) was held for the second time, and the first one was in 2010. This time BCF brought forward the theme of  “A (journey to) Bali Creative Destination”, or shortened into “ABCD”; quite catchy. Among the music shows which perform the famous Indonesian underground music scene names such as SID (Superman Is Dead), Navicula, and The Hydrant. There were also art performances and fashion shows, but what interested me the most are the creative talks.

There were lots of sessions I aimed, however only some I managed to attend. The first one is “Stage Photography” on Friday evening, which presented by Mohammad Asranur (Asra), a Jakarta-based photographer who developed his craft in the San Francisco music scene and has contributed to publications such as Spin and Rolling Stone Indonesia. Asra brought forward the tips and tricks to get a good stage photography.

During the afternoon on the next day, I attended Popo Danes’s talk on Architecture business, and strategy for commercial success, including his initiative on “Architect under the big three”, and “Architectural Weekend for Kids”. Afterward I attended Jerry Aurum presentation on how to create stunning pictures and won the prize for best question there. Those two brought the topics under subject of “Creativepreneurship”.

I then changed room wishing to attend Daniel Ziv’s talks on shooting a documentary movie. However I was still in time to hear Gustaff Hariman talks on “Kolaborasi, Kreativitas, dan Inovasi”. He’s the name behind “Common Room Network Foundation” who foster creativity ideas among common people, which based in Bandung. The same with Jerry, Gustaff too was my schoolmate back in FSRD ITB.

After a break, the agenda then continued with screening and creative talk on short movies, presenting the wildly entertaining “Man Man” by Vincent Moon from France, who’s done about perhaps 300 short movies alike so far, and a short preview of Daniel Ziv’s on “Jalanan”, a feature-length documentary movie on the live of street buskers in Jakarta. Daniel spent the last five years shooting his movie, which now is about to finish its editing process. The show also featuring Edo Wulia on the subject of short movies, and more specially on the whereabout of Minikino.

The next session was filled with “Pecha Kucha” which presented ideas from creative communities as well as individuals in the form of 20 slides x 20 seconds. Interesting idea but still lacked on execution quality as most presenters tend to treat it as a marketing opportunity instead of idea spreading.

Cathy, who sat with me through most of that day’s event together, even mentioned that one of the presentation was almost a copy-paste of material she remembered seeing online.

After Pecha Kucha, there were still a presentation of motion design work done by collaboration of designers, musician, and illustrator, among them was Isha Hening from It was already a bit dragging and off schedule, and I thought their presentation would slow down the pace further. However turned out it was a very beautiful and interesting work, full with interesting and wildly creative ideas.

The room was already steaming hot, as more people entered the room, waiting for the final show of the day: a standup comedy done by two standup comedians: Mosidik and Ryan, who both were finalist on the national competition currently held by Kompas TV. After 30 minutes full with LOL and ROTLF moments, Mosidik and Ryan were also kind enough in willing to share their formula and process in creating a “killing” material. Turned out it was highly methodical and standardized process thus was highly replicable (the process, not the result), which uses mind mapping in the core of the process. Very insightful materials, and indeed I was using the same method for idea development during my sitcom writing years with Writerighters, making me want to learn about the tools even more.

While I was also planning to attend the last day of the event, I ended up spent it with my wife and kid instead. I’ll write up on details of each events on following posts. (byms)

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