profile-bayu-plantation-4x6-300Bayu Yunantias Amus is a a User Experience designer and Food writer currently living in Bali, Indonesia. He grows up in Bandung, and work for 9 years in Jakarta before moving to Bali.

Born in the small town of Garut, Jawa Barat, he pursue his interest in design early with drawing on bed sheets, walls, and over his father’s  architectural blue prints (which has not been presented to the client yet), and later taking part in drawing competitions for children (which he seldom wins).

After high school he pursue the Design Study under Institut Teknologi Bandung’s Fakultas Seni Rupa dan Desain (FSRD ITB), and in 1998 graduated as Sarjana Seni (SSn.) with Interior Design major.

However right after finishing school, due to his high interest in computers and graphic design, he instead pursue his career in the graphic & digital design field with task ranging from: graphic & web design, article illustration for magazine, information design, Content Management System (CMS), project management, consulting, sales, and finally settled on User Experience Design (UXD).

Bayu admits that it’s a long road from studying Interior Design to establish a career in UX Design, however they have much in common:

  1. They both revolves around human needs, wants, likes
  2. They both puts users at the center stage of their design
  3. They both tries to solve human needs through design
  4. They both relies on good flow and information structure
  5. They both care whether their users can actually use and will like their design 

More about Bayu’s career can be found online on LinkedIn, or you can also download his UX Resume that outlines his strengths and skills (he likes to believe he has no weaknesses, only “opportunity to grow”). Some of his design works are online on Deviant Art’s Portfolio, his photographs are online on Flickr, and you can also view his UX Portfolio online here.


His shio* is Tiger, but his zodiac is Cancer, and his blood type is B; meaning while he might looks tough and ferocious on the outside (yeah right), he also has a delicate creative sense, and high craving for seafood — just like crabs.


As a storyteller Bayu also loves to tell his story through writing and in pictures, which resulted in creation of several blogs, scored him scriptwriter gigs for some Indonesian TV sitcoms; Bajaj Bajuri, The Salon, Angels, Models (Trans TV); and contributing food articles to travel magazines.

You might also find him lingering around in local Sushi parlors, or trying out new restaurants to support his interest in good food, and giving insight for his tribe Epicurina.

Or you might also find him watching the sky looking for anomalies, due to his interest in Ufology, and in hope of gaining insights to share to his tribe BETA-UFO.

You might also find him appears on following online social networks:

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*Shio = Chinese Zodiac


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    Semoga sukses slalu Mas Bayu 🙂

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